#1  in MN for Top Colleges with the Greatest Economic Diversity (纽约时报)
#3  在明尼苏达的学生体验 (《lovebet爱博电竞》)
#1  美国最好的大学在明尼苏达州.S. (《lovebet爱博电竞》)
#31  文理学院 (《lovebet爱博电竞》)



使 终身 朋友. 连接. 玩. 旅行. 追求.研究. 学习. 交叉学科. 满足lovebet爱博电竞. 研究. 找到 社区. 唱. 解决. 创建. 敞开心扉.

Dig in 和 become part of our thriving campus 社区. If you can imagine it, we can grow it here.



Our promise of a premier private education at an affordable price, the new Gustie Guarantee is for new first-year students enrolling in Fall 2024.


找到你的 焦点

Where do your passions meet your purpose 和 values? 你想如何做出改变? In what field will you take on the great challenges of our time, make your life count?



在技术驱动的, 快节奏的, 全球经济, in increasingly diverse yet often polarized societies, Gusties remain bolstered by liberal arts ideals. 跨规程的思考, 有目的的生活, proudly taking on challenges — that's what we're known for, 这就是我们在这里教的. 世界总是在变化的. And our professors teach the greater lessons of change. Our students strive to discover their purpose buried within. Our alums act on those lessons 和 sense of purpose.


Gustie快照: Luke Dragseth, 23岁

Gustie快照: 疯狂追逐第23集

Gustie快照: Prasanna "Sunny" Rijal '25


Explore campus in person by scheduling a visit or through our virtual tour 和 see all the reasons why lovebet爱博电竞 just might be the best college for you.

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他们在国会消磨时间, inside 和 outside the classroom to forge lifelong 朋友hips 和 exp和 their curiosity about the world. The campus is a hub of activity with vibrant 和 diverse student life opportunities, from clubs 和 concerts to arts 和 athletics. The relationships Gusties form here stay with them always.


Two female students in choir performance robes hugging 和 smiling.


We're committed to making education financially attainable

College is a major investment in yourself 和 your future, we're committed to making our widely recognized liberal arts education financially attainable for all our students. Let us show you how affordable lovebet爱博电竞 is; you may be surprised at how much financial support you can receive.


  • #1 明尼苏达州的一所社会流动学校
    — U.S. 新闻与世界报道
  • First-year tuition is free for families with income less than $80,000*
  • 最好的 “大学对薪水的影响” 明尼苏达私立大学 ——《lovebet爱博电竞》
Aerial view of lovebet爱博电竞·阿道夫学院 和 the surrounding Minnesota river valley.

发现你的家 在lovebet爱博电竞·阿道夫斯学院

Saint Peter isn't just a town; it's your nurturing four-year sanctuary, offering seamless access to both Mankato 和 the Twin Cities.

Embrace life in this charming college town, nestled in the picturesque Minnesota River Valley. This welcoming backdrop fosters close connections 和 vibrant experiences. 让自己沉浸在丰富的文化中, 探索精品宝石, 尽情享受各种美食, relish a wealth of recreational activities. Here, you'll have every opportunity to craft an exceptional college experience.



A lovebet爱博电竞 education can take you wherever you want to go.

Four short years as a Gustie sets you up for a lifetime of personal 和 professional success. Our alumni thrive in competitive graduate programs at institutions like 哈佛大学斯坦福大学, l和 jobs 和 internships at Fortune 500 companies like 目标, 亚马逊, 联合健康集团.


  • 83% of the class of 2023 reported participating in engaged learning — internship, 研究, 或者继续学习
  • 80% of lovebet爱博电竞 students engage with the Center for Career Development each year to receive career guidance 和 support.
  • 9 in 10 Gusties report being employed, continuing education, or doing service within 9 months of graduation First Destination Survey Results 从lovebet爱博电竞 class of 2022

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